Act! For love

56 percent of people in Germany belong – like us – to the 50 plus generation. We want to move them – out of love for life:

We want to make them aware of how endangered the future of our children and grandchildren really is in view of climate change. And that we as humanity can only survive in harmony with nature and only on the basis of love, respect and fair compensation.

We want to show that everyone can play an active role in shaping a climate-friendly society. To achieve this, we use interactive formats to provide comprehensible information about the effects of personal consumption and lifestyle habits on the natural balance of life. And we offer concrete solutions on how every individual can help to regain this balance in everyday life by making small changes in behaviour.

To the mission statement

Why grannies?

„If our children are to have a future, the 50+ generation urgently needs to get on board. After all, we are more than half of the electorate and produce the most CO2 per capita!“

With these thoughts, Cordula Weimann took matters into her own hands in 2019 and founded the „Omas for Future“ movement, which is now active throughout Germany. There are also groups in Austria and the Netherlands.

And why grannies in particular? Because although we women are more than half in our generation, we are still not adequately represented socially, politically or economically. Politics and social change are almost always still dominated by men in our generation. We give the women of the 50+ generation a voice!

Because our knowledge, our thinking, our feeling and our view of things is just as important as that of men. Especially in this time of change, we are needed as an important female counterpole and corrective.

That is why we are very happy that behind our successful Omas for Future movement there are now many strong men who work together with us every day for a liveable, sustainable and climate-neutral future for our children and grandchildren.

Together we are making a difference!

Our Earth needs us – and we need you!

We are active in many parts of Germany as well as in the Netherlands and Austria. You too can become part of Omas for Future.

It is important to be a strong community working for our planet. That’s why we are looking for committed people throughout Europe.


Find a regional group near you.

We are founding members of the European Grandparents for Climate

The European Grandparents for Climate (EGC) as an umbrella organisation umbrella organisation of national associations of senior citizens and grandparents was launched in Brussels at the end of November. The eleven co-founders also include Omas for Future. The EGC’s constitution, including meetings with EU MEPs, coincided with the start of the UN Climate Change Conference COP28 for good reason. „We have never been as determined as we are now,“ says Co-Chair Prof. em. Jan Stel from Belgium. „We have duty of care for all children on this planet Earth and can no longer spoil their future. Co-chair Dr Godela von Kirchbach adds: „In order to save the planet we as grandparents must act now.“

European Granparents for Climate website

Sustainable and with power into the future!

The future begins every day. Every moment. So right now!

In the next three years, the Omas for Future will put a lot of (renewable!) energy into a project that will carry our ideas with power into the broader society and anchor them there sustainably. By 2026 we want to

  • to ensure that at least 17,600 tonnes of CO2 are saved,
  • found 80 new granny regional groups, 15 of them in the „new“ federal states (after all, they’re not that new after more than 30 years),
  • distribute 235,000 quiz books,
  • organise 960 quiz events and 200 workshops, lectures and information stands.

That’s what our to-do list says, and we’ll get there.

We are supported by a motivated young team and by funds from the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (this is Robert Habeck’s ministry). We started in February 2023 and will keep you informed here about what is currently happening and where you can get involved and participate.

Sustainability is important. Working together is fun. And nothing is as strong as an idea whose time has come.

We look forward to seeing you!

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